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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Say I forgive you

My dear love,
I have one thing to say to you
there is nowhere
where I can find
anything like you
or I rather not try to

When I am tired of
so many things around me
when I feel ‘low’ inside me
or when the time slaps me on my face
then I find myself so lonely
My love,
I want to come to see you
to say forgive me
I just don’t want to live in this despair anymore
I just don’t want to drown in my own tears anymore
I just want to lay down on your lap
like a Joey on his mother’s pouch.  

I regret every seconds,
when I was with you
I didn’t realize how precious you were
now I’m far away
And spend most of my splendid moments
Just thinking of your
Calmness, beauty, love, and warmth.
which has always pinned me down
no matter where I go
You always stayed inside me

If you are ever angry with me
and you just go away
leaving me alone on the shore,
I will keep waiting for you
until you come back and say
 love, I forgive you

My dear,
I cannot leave you
and you cannot escape from me
before, during, and after my existence
whoever I am,
Its just because of you
You are truly destined for me

Pradeep Gautam

painting credit: John Clapp

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