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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Secret Inventor: Awesome DIY | Life Hacks | Science Projects | Invention...

This YouTube channel Secret Inventor is all about Awesome DIY, Life Hacks, Science Projects, Inventions, DIY Kids Toys etc to learn and have fun. This YouTube Channel, "Secret Inventor" (@secretinventor) is all about Life hacks, DIY projects, tech inventions, where you will learn amazing science ideas, experiments, 'how to do it at home' type of crafts etc. These videos are for school projects, kids learning, STEM projects, science enthusiasts, teachers, engineers, electricians, craft lovers and everyone who loves to be creative.

Most of the videos you enjoy from this channels are technology, electronics, chemistry, mathematics, physics, etc. overall science ideas, tricks, DIY projects, and amazing crafts.

Disclaimer: you can always try my experiments at home but at your own risks.
Replicate video upload is strictly prohibited and against the YouTube policies.

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Secret Inventor

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